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bleach butterfly
Posted by a_sad_melody on 10.09.2006 at 17:27
last panel of this comic
There's more alliteration there than I've seen in a long time in this comic.

bleach butterfly

webcomic alliteration

Posted by a_sad_melody on 06.28.2006 at 04:05
From yesterday's Questionable Content my favorite webcomicCollapse )

bleach butterfly

More ridiculous alliterations

Posted by a_sad_melody on 06.14.2006 at 15:42
I was postponing posting these until I finished the alphabet but since I have no idea when that will happen, since I started this list last year, I'll just post what I have so far (including four that I've already posted).

long alliterations using 14 different lettersCollapse )

Posted by tranquilwhale on 04.18.2006 at 23:03
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S'not mine, but it's a pretty impressive accomplishment.

The Siege of BelgradeCollapse )

Have you done or found anything similar?

bleach butterfly
Posted by a_sad_melody on 03.21.2006 at 03:06
"Apparently altruistic aliens arrive and abolish adversity. Keyword: apparently." - From the on-screen episode description of a 1960's episode of The Twilight Zone. I just happened to notice it just before I went to bed last night, about 24 hours ago.

Posted by lunar_temptress on 03.17.2006 at 01:54
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I came up with this just a little while ago, well it's a spin-off of one I had done, but it's lost in a deleted community. Behind a cut because it's...well...could go either which way. :p

W stands for...Collapse )

bleach butterfly
Posted by a_sad_melody on 03.16.2006 at 03:47
wind blows the willow
creaking, cracking, crashing down
the tall tree topples

~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~

Rationale rules.
When will wisdom fail
and allow hidden humor,
sincere smiles,
and to revive revelry?
Drown the depression,
destroy the demon.
Let ecstatic emotion escape.

bleach butterfly
Posted by a_sad_melody on 03.14.2006 at 16:28
Here are some ridiculously long alliterations I created in August of last year.

Cathy's cooked curry chicken cheese celery cauliflower casserole caused cacophonous catastrophic calamitous choking.

Anne, an awful, annoying, and aggravating artist, always announces an actual arranged argument at an amiable aqua atrium at an Arabic auctioneer’s Australian aunt’s astounding archery area.

My marching monk’s moody, mischievous, malodorous mother, Maniacally Mad Maid Marian, makes mini magic mashed mushroom mince meat marijuana muffins, making my many macho male monkeys much more mellow.

Little lucky lovely laughing ladies like Lucy Lynn love licking long lavender licorice lined looping lollipops. Lucy’s lover, laudable, lovable, logical Larry Lou (least like his loitering, lolly-gagging, lousy, lie-laced lot) likely loves lavishly lounging like a lazy lion lord.

bleach butterfly

The first post

Posted by a_sad_melody on 03.14.2006 at 16:21
Please post using some semblance of alliterative verse. That's all I am asking, all right?

Post poems,
random ridiculous ruminations,
witty words of wisdom,
almost anything at all that's alliterative.